The Effect of Culture on Strategy

Once you have defined and communicated needed changes in your strategy, it becomes clear that changes are also needed in your culture. But how can you accomplish such major changes concurrently?

Change management training experts advise that you need to take it slow. Tackling too many shifts at once could jeopardize the entire initiative. Instead experts recommend that you adjust the culture a bit at a time to accommodate the change in strategy.

Here is how:
  1. Take stock of your current culture and then visualize what changes in behavior would best support the new business strategy you have adopted.
  2. Identify the few behavior changes that would have the greatest positive impact on your strategic initiative and be most widely noticed and appreciated within the organization.
  3. Prioritize and implement those selected changes, one at a time, and watch how they complement, support and even accelerate the strategic changes your leadership has set forth.

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