Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 Smart Steps to Leverage Organizational Structure During Change

Organizational structure is important during change.  From our perspective, it encompasses the goals, roles, tasks and processes used to organize the flow of work. During organizational change, the smart change leaders examine the goals, roles, formal relationships, job designs, work processes and rules that are used to coordinate and accomplish specific work.

Focusing on the Structure Lens during organizational change is particularly important when a group is being restructured or reengineered, or when the organization desires to have groups become more empowered or self-managing. It is also critical when internal operations must change to become more efficient or more satisfactory to external or internal customers.

Successful organizational change leaders who operate from the structure lens:

  1. Operationalize the vision for success into clear and value-added processes

  2. Clarify scope, roles, relationships, decision making and processes every step of the way in a way that makes sense

  3. Establish fair, meaningful, consistent, and transparent performance standards, rewards and consequences

  4. Clarify boundaries and responsibilities between groups and functions
Are you paying attention to "structure" during your change initiatives?

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