3 Common Obstacles are Between You and the Organizational Change Finish Line

4 snails, each in their own racing lane, approach the finish link

So much of change management consulting is focused on the start of an organizational change initiative. And don’t get me wrong. Planning the launch (and doing it right) is absolutely critical to change success. Yet don’t forget to plan for what it takes to keep going until you cross the finish line.

Here are three of the most common obstacles to completing the change initiative you started:

  1. Loss of resources because they were not provided for from the beginning or due to unforeseen circumstances.  Teams, technologies, markets, competitors, dollars, stakeholders and support rarely stay stagnant during complex change projects.

  2. Loss of leadership either because they were moved to deal with other priorities or because they lost interest.  Formal authority and influence often shift during highly visible, complex and challenging change management engagements.

  3. Loss of commitment due to frustration with how long it is taking, discouraging setbacks, a change in urgency, a shifting vision, an unclear plan or a lack of stakeholder involvement.

What should your role be in seeing the change project through to the finish? Besides securing sufficient resources, you need to maintain your own commitment and model this for your team. Manage the lagging commitment of others. Show that the change results matter to you and to the organization. Communicate regularly around the rationale for the change, your understanding of the hard work involved and your appreciation for the team’s continued dedication. Then when the project is actually done, lead the celebration!

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