Friday, January 10, 2014

Change Management – How to Raise the Urgency Quotient

If you read the articles on change management consulting, you know that there are many reasons change initiatives fail. Some change efforts don’t even get off the ground…and this is because there has not been enough urgency established around the need for change.

Unless you can convince your organization, from the top down, that the status quo is more dangerous (and not as appealing) than the change you recommend, you are in trouble. You need to communicate with a sense of drama, not exaggerating the facts, but painting a picture of the dire consequences of not changing. What will be the result of your declining competitive position…loss of market share, decreased revenue, new or increased competition, unhappy customers?

Until your senior management understands what is at risk and your employees accept that change is necessary for survival, the attempt at transformation will languish. It takes energy, hard work, courage and great leadership to effect change.

Don’t be stalled at stage one.

Raise the urgency quotient so you get everybody on board at the outset.

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