Need a Change: Is a Reorg the Right Solution?

Be sure you think carefully and move slowly before you reorganize your organizational structure. Yes, sometimes it is the right solution to the problem you face. But, more often than not, there are other solutions that would cause less disruption in the ranks and achieve greater results.

Change management training professionals recommend that you consider the implications of reorganization on the ones who will be most affected…your employees.Employees will wonder why and, no doubt, second-guess the changes. They will have to adjust to new reporting relationships and, probably, different working styles from what they had known before. There will be a loss of productivity as they get to know new bosses and maybe even new teams.

Stop to examine just what problem you are trying to solve. Then determine if a reorg will actually accomplish your objective. You need to thoughtfully weigh the upset of a change in the internal organizational structure against other possible solutions or even the very problem itself.

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