4 Proven Tips to Effectively Leading Teams through Change

Continuous organizational change has become a way of life. Fluctuating economic conditions, increasing market demands, and the desire to meet ever-changing customer needs have elevated the skills of change management to the top of the list of desired leadership core competencies.

To effectively guide yourself and your teams through the process of organizational change use a proven four step process:

Step One: Regroup uses an organizational roadmap to paint a clear, concise and compelling picture of the current and desired states. Regrouping explores the nature of change and surfaces the impact of the changes managers and employees are facing. This step also introduces the repeatable process of change called the Transition Curve.

Step Two: Reengage looks at skills that can help managers and their employees maintain their focus and effectiveness during change. It also covers effective communication, re-recruiting top talent, and how to work with team members in resistance.

Step Three: Refocus will once again use the organizational roadmap to revisit the team’s purpose and strategic objectives and examine new ways of working to support the change.

Step Four: Recommit examines rewarding new behaviors around change, how to identify and acknowledge those who adopt the change and how to measure success.

Together, these four steps help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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