How Wired Are You? 3 Factors for Change

Successful change depends in good part upon how “wired” you are…how well you are connected to those in your organization who will be responsible for implementing change.

Before you launch a major change initiative, change management consulting experts recommend you assess your connections within the organization. This is a good way to predict how effectively you can communicate the need for and the path toward change.

Here are three factors you should explore:

  1. The frequency with which your colleagues seek your counsel. This will be a good indicator of how much they value your advice and how much they are willing to follow your lead.
  2. The solidity of the backing for change. Some co-workers will be advocates of the need for change; others will be detractors. Be aware of who stands where and work to shift the thinking of those in opposition.
  3. The links between groups. Is there agreement from one department to another? The more you can integrate the attitudes of different organizational functions, the smoother the path toward change will be.  

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