Change Readiness Moments: When There’s No Denying It

There are moments when the imperative for change takes over, when there’s no denying it. Change management consulting experts have outlined what signals you may experience that confirm change must occur.

You feel forced to take charge and alter the situation when you:
  1. Can no longer ignore thoughts of change. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the same ideas for improving the situation sneak in.
  2. Can no longer dismiss your feelings about needed change. Either your personal or professional relationships are affected to such a degree that you can no longer avoid taking action.
  3. Can no longer diminish the power of the feelings that you must act.
Welcome these change readiness moments. The only time they occur is when the problem you face is significant and must be dealt with. The strength of your commitment for change will keep you working on the problem until you have succeeded in reaching a satisfactory solution.

      Are you creating change readiness moments?

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