Is IT Your Scapegoat for Unsuccessful Change?

It’s all too easy to blame IT for anything that does not work around the office—a bit like blaming the cable company when you cannot get a picture on your TV…only to discover that the cable was disconnected.

Before holding IT responsible for any failure, you should make sure that everything else is “plugged in” the way it should be.

All an IT manager can do is to see that the technological systems are functioning properly. Making sure that value is derived from those systems is up to other managers.

If you are planning an upgrade or shift in the technology you use, be sure you have made the other necessary changes to ensure success:

  • Are the users up to speed on how to use the new technology?
  • Are other systems, i.e., payroll, sales reports, inventory, HR benefits, to name a few, all sync’ed up to take advantage of the change?
  • Is your executive team behind the initiative?

You will need their long-term view of
the benefits of the change and their support in case there are glitches at the start. 

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