To Change or Not To Change the Org Chart

When you are looking for a quick change management consulting fix for an ongoing problem, are you tempted to re-draw the org chart?

It seems that if there are reporting relationships that are not working, just a simple shift of lines and boxes could improve the situation. But beware. The easy fix, though tempting, might not be the effective, long-term fix that you need.  Reorganizations are often costly and filled with professional and organizational risk.

People resist change—it is a natural reaction to upsetting the status quo. And shifting bosses, though simple on a diagram, is a major (and not necessarily welcome) change for those involved.

First be sure you understand what you are trying to accomplish. And then consider carefully the root of the problem before you choose to reorganize. What else might be the cause…poor job definition? Mis-communication? Fuzzy lines of responsibility? Systems that overlap or conflict? Ambiguous performance targets?  An unclear strategy?

Define the objective, analyze the cause, consider alternative solutions, and then decide to change or not to change the org chart.

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