Change Resisters May Have a Point

Any leader who has tried to effect major change in an organization has met them…the change resisters.

They are well known by change management training and consulting experts.  They don’t want change, they don’t like change, and, unless won over, they can spread their negative reaction to change throughout the company.

How can you defuse their power?

By seeking them out and listening to their objections. Sometimes, just having been heard will be enough to quiet the resisters. Other times you may need to follow up again and again to convince them of the need for change and reassure them that the organization will be better as a result of the new direction. And, once in a while, these change resisters may have a valid concern. Listen carefully in case you have overlooked something that threatens the whole initiative.

Don’t avoid those who resist change. Address and listen to them directly because some change resisters may have a point.

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