Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Best Handle a Team that Balks at Change

Ask any change management training and consulting expert, resistance to change is common…especially for those who prefer the tried and true.

Any shift from the status quo feels threatening. So you should expect some team members to respond negatively to your announcement that a change is coming. But it is up to you as a team leader who has been charged with managing change successfully to come up with a strategy that will bring the team together and support the needed shift in direction.

Perhaps the most important factor in encouraging a positive attitude is creating an atmosphere where questions are encouraged and answers are straightforward. Here are a few change management tips that work:
  • There should be no hidden agenda.
  • Gather frequently and be open to team members’ concerns.
  • Check in with individual naysayers to try to understand why they are reluctant to embrace the change.
  • Be willing to meet as a team for open, frank discussions and keep the group fully informed as progress is made toward the goal.
A team that balks at change is a team that has not been well understood, well informed or well heard.

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