To Manage Change – First Think One Small Step at a Time

Do you need to make some big changes to succeed?  Not always…

For example, your team is not performing as it should. Perhaps projects are coming in late and incomplete, or meetings are poorly attended and too lengthy, or office politics is getting in the way of smooth operations.

Isit time to make a move to change the culture?  Maybe, maybe not.  Because large scale change is difficult and lengthy, why not try a few small steps first. 

Pick an area you want to focus on. Let’s say you want to “fix” the meetings problem. First let everyone know that you want to make meetings more meaningful and productive. One small step would be to adhere to the time allotted…begin when you say you will and end promptly. Next you can require that all meetings have an agenda so attendees know what to expect, stay on track with a clear purpose, and end with recommendations and next steps. If meetings matter and actually accomplish something, your team will attend and know timing will be respected.

Small steps, yes. But effective.  And much easier to achieve than a complete culture shift.

See where else you can apply this technique. 

Done right, it should help create performance improvement while simultaneously testing if a larger cultural change is required.

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