Three Tips to Change Behavior

Whether you are trying to change the behavior of a preschooler or of an employee, there are some constants that work. Apply these three techniques to achieve the desired improvement.
  1. Focus on one. Just as with a young child you would not confuse him with too many behaviors to change at once, choose the most important change and focus. Do you need your employee to pay more attention to detail? Then call that behavior out and review their work for this specific, targeted and measurable change.

  2. Use peer pressure. If an employee often rudely cuts others off mid-sentence and squelches productive discussion, ask other team members to point out the times this happens and to model respectful listening and patience while others speak. Then be sure they appreciate when the employee displays the desired behavior.

  3. Tell the story. Rather than just name the behavior you want to change, describe what it would look like and what might happen as a consequence of not changing. Telling the story of the undesirable and painting a picture of the desirable is much more likely to galvanize your employee’s imagination and effort.

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