5 Tips for Change Leaders Who Are In Charge of a Group of High Performers

A compass shows the needle pointing to the word "change"

Change is never easy. But there are special challenges when you seek to lead a highly skilled team through successful change. Having worked in change management consulting for over two decades, we have compiled a list of special tips for change leaders who are in charge of a group of high achievers and high performers.

First, remember that any change is likely to meet with resistance and some fear of the unknown…even with top employees. And also remember that change requires time and patience. Beyond these caveats, here are some considerations for your high performance team:

  1. Offer.  Invite their participation in the plan for change. They will be far more likely to support the initiative if they are consulted on its goals and implementation.
  2. Assign.  Give each team member a special assignment so they feel recognized and involved.
  3. Assimilate.  Include their advice as you begin so you can show your respect for their expertise and your openness to learning from them. You can take charge later.
  4. Flatten.  Do not pull rank or make demands. Exerting positional authority only breeds discontent. Instead find ways to add value and help others while proving your own talents and value to the enterprise.
  5. Identify.  Get to know which team members are advocates and influencers. These will become your change masters and your key players in change success.

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