The Top 5: If You Are Serious About Change

If you are really committed to effecting change in your organization, you need to prepare the ground so change can take root. Change management consulting experts advocate 5 facets of change that give your change effort the best chance to succeed.
  1. Use all the communication tools at your disposal to inform the general employee population why the change is necessary and what the outcome will be. But don’t neglect the person-to-person conversations. Meet with resisters and listen carefully to their concerns. They may raise issues that you need to address.
  2. Make sure you have the talent needed. Evaluate what skills will be necessary during and after the change. If there is no one in the organization who has the skills or can learn them, hire from the outside.
  3. Beyond talent, the company infrastructure must also support the change. Ensure that all necessary organizational tools and processes are in place.
  4. Leaders need to be on board with the change and be role models for success.
  5. Implement a system of recognition and reward for employees who make sincere efforts to adopt the change.

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