Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3 Reliable Tips to Not Add to the Difficulty of Change

Change is difficult to manage successfully…employees usually resist out of a kind of fear of upsetting the more comfortable status quo. Change management consulting experts have all kinds of advice on how to introduce change and communicate effectively throughout the process. But as hard as you try, there will still be some frustration. Do not add to the difficulty of effecting change.

Here are three tips on how not to make things worse:

1.     Do not underestimate the challenge of change. Acknowledge and appreciate the difficulty for all concerned.

2.     Do not fight the politics that exist in every organization. You may not like it but it’s the way things work…at least for the time being. If you buck the current political system, you risk upsetting power structures and relationships that have been in place and have supported function and performance.

3.     Do not condemn the masses for the few. If there are a few disgruntled employees who need extra support or guidance, talk to them individually. Addressing the group as a whole will only alienate those who are trying to get on board with the change.

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