Do Not Overlook the Role of Emotion in Change

Change in the workplace would be so much simpler to achieve if it were only a matter of appealing to rational thinking. It is relatively easy to make an intellectual case for change. Alas, emotion, too, plays a role in how we approach change and is far more difficult to deal with.

Our emotional side resists change because any shift from the familiar and comfortable status quo elicits anxiety. This fear prevents employees from whole-hearted commitment and motivation to change.

And thus the major challenge of change management is how to harness the emotional energy of the workforce. Leaders need to go beyond persuading their followers of the reason change is needed; they need to convince their employees that change is possible and give them a vision of future success.

Remove any obstacles on the path to change such as incompatible systems or unsupportive procedures and celebrate the small steps that bring you ever closer to your strategic goal. 

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