How to Create the Story for Change

One of the tenets of successful change management training and consulting involves creating a compelling story.

This is the first step in communicating the need for change and in persuading the workforce to commit to the effort. However, the kind of story that would persuade one work group in the organization might not at all be the story that convinces another. The key is to ensure the message targets all in the organization.
  1. First, be sure that your message is not directed only to leaders, but also to followers. An effective story for change should appeal on a variety of levels…the benefits to society in general, as well to customers, the organization, working teams and individual employees.
  2. Invite employees to write their own story for change. When they help construct the rationale for change, they are much more committed to the outcome.
  3. Balance the story’s approach emphasizing not only what’s wrong with the status quo but also what will be “right” once the change initiative has been successful.
A compelling story is the beginning of successful change. Make sure your first step in the change process addresses the needs of all participants.

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