Change Management - Clinging to the Status Quo

Most people resist change…it is almost in our DNA to keep a steady state for some.

We cling to what we know and what feels comfortable. But change is inevitable, especially in the corporate world where organizations need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. By taking a look at why change is regarded as threatening by most, we can find ways to pry employees more easily and less painfully away from their predictable status quo.

Employees tend to oppose change when:
  • It is thrust upon them without explanation for why it is needed.

  • They do not see the benefits of change for them as individuals.

  • There is no support system in place for them as they try out new skills or procedures.

  • They feel that the interests of their co-workers are in jeopardy as a result of the change.

  • They lack trust in management and fear they will be displaced without a safety net.
For a change initiative to be successful, see that the above factors are considered and acted upon.

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