3 Smart Change Management Tips to Buck the Tide

It is generally acknowledged that, more often than not, change initiatives fail to overcome the natural tides of resistance.

In the years since we entered this field of change management, we have observed several common reasons for failure. Here is how you can buck the tide and be among the few who succeed at organizational change.

  1. Plan your timing. Do not be the last in your market to make necessary adjustments to stay competitive and do not move too slowly. Spending too much time trying to prepare the organization or soliciting buy-in for the change can undermine the effort by delaying the inevitable and allowing opposition to solidify. Once you as a leader know that change is needed, just do it.

  2. Plan it as you would a major project with carefully outlined steps and methodologies. The more discipline you can apply as you move forward, the more successful you will be.

  3. Stay the course. There will be some troubles ahead such as job stress and, perhaps, loss of morale; but these problems are present whenever change occurs. Your job is to remain steady and supportive with the ultimate goal always in sight.

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