Managing Change Resistance - When They Dig in Their Heels

You know there will be resistance.

As a leader you have determined that major change is necessary for your organization to compete successfully.

As many of your employees reactively dig in their heels to slow or halt the change process, how can you minimize their opposition? Here are four tips to help manage change resistance:
  1. Pace the change. Go step-by-step so there is time for everyone to understand and adjust. Too much change too quickly can overwhelm your employees and undermine your chances for success.

  2. Give them a forum. Talk to your employees…explain the reasons for the change and let them voice their thoughts and feelings. Make sure that their concerns feel heard and validated.

  3. Involve your employees in the process. As you move forward, ask for their ideas on the changes that will affect them directly. Do something with their feedback.

  4. Offer real support. Provide resources in terms of skills training or new equipment so that your employees can prepare for the change, participate fully as it takes place, and ultimately benefit once the change has been effected.

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