Leaders Need to Commit to Change to Succeed

Change is necessary. Change is hard. Change requires strong commitment.

Although most leaders would agree that change is essential if an organization is to grow and remain competitive, it is also true that change often produces anxiety and resistance even when it is perceived as positive.

To lead change successfully, a leader must take into account both the business impact on the organization and the psychological impact on the people responsible for supporting and implementing the change.

To lead effectively requires a certain kind of commitment, inspired by courage combined with some natural and healthy feelings of doubt. Feeling uncertain about the changes you face and how to navigate the road ahead while owning the responsibilities that accompany your role as a leader will be challenging.

As a leader, you play a critical role in developing and supporting your team in an organization that is typically resilient to change. Part of the process of leading change is demonstrating flexibility and willingness to embrace change, along with communicating the impact of the proposed change on the people involved.

From a change management perspective, leader commitment is half the battle.

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