Making Sure that Change Works

Making Sure that Change Works

Change is difficult…besides instilling fear in some and resistance in others; it is often approached in a somewhat disorganized way.

If you really want to be sure that change works at your organization, you need to establish some form of change management process to see that it happens in an organized, logical and well-coordinated way.

Effective change management consulting ensures that each phase of the change is considered before implementation begins to be sure it:

  • Makes sense to your key internal and external stakeholders
  • Anticipates and accounts for potential unforeseen consequences
  • Can adjust and be agile as circumstances shift
For example, if you want to transition to a new CRM system, there are many internal and external stakeholders who will be affected. You need some kind of change strategy and plan so the right people are involved at the right time and no critical stakeholder is overlooked.

It is far better to deal with issues before they occur. Involve key people who are invested in understanding the change and its broader impact before it is underway. Challenging assumptions at this point where there is still some control over implementation can save time, money and careers.

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