3 Field-Tested Tips to Help Employees Picture the Change

3 Field-Tested Tips to Help Employees Picture the Change

Silly as this cartoon is, the doctor makes a very good point. What we have learned in our three decades of change management consulting is that if you can paint a compelling picture of change success, you are well on your way.

You need the full cooperation and buy-in of your workforce to make the change happen. Communicating a complex strategy will only confuse them. What you need to do is explain simply and visually why you need the change and what success will look like.

Make sure you include:

  • A vision that will appeal both to the minds and hearts of your workers. They need to know why you are asking them to change and what will be in it for them.

  • Be upfront about the business pressures that have led you to this need for change.

  • Address all stakeholders including customers and shareholders as you explain in an upbeat way what the new environment will look like and how business results will improve.
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