The 3 P’s of Behavioral Change and 4 Big Obstacles to Avoid

The requirements of successful change as outlined by change management consulting professionals can be summed up in three words:

  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
No change—whether acquiring new skills or kicking old habits—can be accomplished unless you are willing to change your behavior with practice, allow time for the new behavior to take hold, and keep at it until it is ingrained. And yet, there are some obstacles that can get in your way. Beware of the following:
  1. The natural inclination to favor the status quo. Get out of your comfort zone. You will never learn new behaviors if you stick to the “tried and true.”
  1. The temptation of instant gratification. Any new behavior worth learning will take time and practice…over and over.
  1. The preference to avoid risk. There is always the risk of missteps as you climb the learning curve. Accept this fact and learn from your mistakes so you never make them twice.
  1. Taking on too much at the same time. Prioritize the changes you plan so you are not distracted and discouraged by trying to make too big a learning leap at once.
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