Monday, September 29, 2014

Prototype Change for Better Results – 2 Good Tips

There is no sure-fire way to predict the totality of the effects of change in your business.

But you can discover a great deal about how a change will affect your employees and customers by conducting experiments beforehand. Change management consulting experts recommend that you test before implementation whenever possible so that you are fully prepared to deal with the intended and unintended consequences.

Here are a couple of tips on how to design and manage the tests:

  1. Small is better. Try to test one variable at a time so you can tie reactions directly to the immediate change. Also try to keep the team small enough to learn, manage and quickly adjust without too many distractions.
  1. Learning is the Result. Even when the result is negative, you learn something. Keep records of all the tests so you can review and revise. The point is to come up with an approach that is as close to perfect as possible before you fully implement the change.
The more you can learn about what your key stakeholders want and need before you institute change, the more effective and lasting the change will be.

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