A Changed View of Change to Get Results

Change management consulting specialists often speak and write about resistance to change as if high resistance is inevitable. But we all know from our own lives that some change is greeted with joy and excitement…a marriage, a new job, or a different academic path, for instance. There are some changes that we anticipate and choose because we see clearly how our lives will be improved as a result.

How can you replicate this same sense of anticipation and expectation of better things when you look for and manage change in the workplace? It requires giving those who must implement the change a feeling of control and choice.
  1. Do not announce the change in a dictatorial or coercive way. Employees need to feel that they have some choice over how the change is managed. Explain the reason and goal for change so that they believe that change is for the better. 
  2. Another way is to begin with the goal. If it is to improve the customer experience, for example, suggest one path toward that goal. Then invite the customer service team to offer their suggestions for how to reach it. 

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