The 6 Traits of the Best Change Agents

The success of major change depends a great deal upon those in charge of its implementation. Before you assign the responsibility of a major change initiative to anyone, assess your candidates against the following traits compiled by change management consulting experts to select the best of the pack.

The best change agents:
  1. Work toward results. They understand how they will be measured and strive to meet the specific goals of the change in a way that makes sense.  They do not make excuses or play the victim.
  2. Know how to involve and inspire others to join the effort. They empathize with others, share information and care about both the process and the results in making change succeed.
  3. Demonstrate flexibility. They know there will be obstacles to overcome and are ready to adjust direction as necessary to keep moving forward – especially in the face of ambiguity.
  4. Recognize opportunities to grow. Ambitious and continuous learners, the best change agents welcome challenges to stretch.
  5. Make decisive decisions without fear. They work with their team but are not afraid to make the tough decisions leaders often have to make without having “all” of the information.
  6.  Seek leadership roles. They want to make a difference and look for roles that give them the power and opportunity to do so. 

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